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Entrepreneurial thinking and the joy of innovating are increasingly becoming core skills for young engineers in order to face the challenge of a globalized economy and a development towards Industry 4.0. ELLI2 distinguishes these trends and enables engineers to properly act by dealing with the “Creativity and Interdisciplinarity” and “promotion of an entrepreneurial mindset” spheres of activity.  

Creativity and Interdisciplinarity


The project will continue developing specific frameworks to promote the creativity of teachers and students. The results will be transferred into teaching and learning. In the face of the increasing importance of entrepreneurship, additional workshops and courses that foster entrepreneurial thinking are developed. 

Interdisciplinary dialogue

Students from different disciplines work together in small groups. They develop solutions for realistic case studies in the context of public participation in industrial and infrastructure projects. Experienced professionals hold lectures and interdisciplinary dialogue is fostered. The course concept is carried out in cooperation with the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI). Digital elements will be added and compact formats will be developed. 

Research workshop

The „Forschungswerkstatt“ (research workshop) at TU Dortmund University will be continued as a central learning and research space for engineering students. Firstly, it provides a well-equipped (workshop materials, flipchart, beamer, literature for scientific work, meeting tables for different group sizes) learning room for students. During the opening times, a student tutor answers questions about scientific work. Secondly, the Forschungswerkstatt offers several workshops on key competences for students

Engineers without Borders-Challenge

The Engineers without Borders Challenge is an international teaching concept in which students work on real-life problems from developing regions and are implemented on-site by Engineers without Borders. Within the problem-based approach, students can engage actively in development cooperation, apply their knowledge and extend their team and method skills. 


Once every semester, a  professional development workshop for engineering professors of all ELLI Universities will be offered at TU Dortmund University in a sophisticated atmosphere and with a reasonable timeframe. These HDmeetINGs aim to promoting collegial exchange on educational issues within the community of professors. 

RUB Makers' Workshop

The project RUB Makers‘ Workshop provides students with the organisational framework of a makerspace in which technical competencies can be applied and explored in practice. The practice- and project-oriented approach facilitates the development of professional competencies. Workshops will range between a few hours and a weekend in duration and are offered for small groups of students. 

Arouse curiosity: Impulses for teaching

Unusual questions lead to innovative solutions. Therefore, impulses are offered through inspiring and unusual teaching and learning concepts, regarding both subjects and methods. The aim is thus to encourage students to networked thinking. They are inspired for innovation and a positive climate for startups is established. For this, compact teaching and learning elements are developed, which are integrated as pulses in classic courses. 

Job Shadowing

In cooperation with the Career Center and the Alumni network of the RWTH Aachen University, in this measure, students get the opportunity to discern a one day internship in a firm. The goal is to foster praxis-oriented job profiling.

How to become an Entrepreneur

The seminar “How to become an Entrepreneur” aims at increasing students’ motivation to build up companies. At the seminar, students have the possibility to get in contact with young self-employed entrepreneurs who talk about their everyday working life as well as the advantages and disadvantages of an entrepreneurship. 

International study program "Entrepreneurship"

In cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Faculty of Economics for Engineers and Natural Scientists (WIN) at the RWTH Aachen University, this measure aims at the continued development of a master study program on "Entrepreneurship".